There’s a ‘Bridgerton’ Ball Happening This November

There’s going to be an IRL Bridgerton ball this November, and it’s not an exaggeration to say I will fly anywhere to attend it. Like the Jane Austen–themed dinner parties and Fifty Shades pop-ups of yore (yep, I attended one of those back in the day), everyone’s favorite pandemic binge-watch is being turned into a live event.

Shondaland, Netflix, and event companies Fever and Secret Cinema will host a Regency ball in the fall, complete with a string quartet playing covers of pop hits just like the Bridgerton soundtrack, dance cards, and love tokens. Yes, everyone has to wear period-appropriate attire, and by period-appropriate, we mean the Netflix version of period-appropriate: bright and glittery as hell, but with an outline that sort of suggests the era. Per Variety, the event will function a little like a Sleep No More interactive adventure, where guests can either hit the dance floor or step into a side room to “learn skills including life drawing, card-playing, and boxing.” 

No word yet on the specific “where, when, how much” details, but in case you end up not being able to make it, don’t worry: We got you covered. If you want to truly embody a member of the Ton, here’s the deal with the show’s corset maker, who has also worked with Kim Kardashian. If you can’t wait for the next season of the show, try reading the books or checking out PBS’s Sanditon. If you want to rock a Bridgerton do, here’s the inside scoop on the show’s hairstyles. If you want to eventually audition for the show, here’s what you need to know about neck acting. And if you are simply, understandably, extremely horny, here’s the lip balm that will protect you during makeout sessions. Do all of this, then throw your own ball!

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