‘The Nanny’ Is Finally Coming to Streaming, and People Are Freaking Out


Is HBO Max singlehandedly saving quarantine? Possibly. First, the streaming service announced a Sex and the City reboot, and now it’s going to make the ‘90s sitcom, The Nanny, available to stream starting April 1. The series ran for six seasons on CBS and is loosely based on co-creator and star Fran Drescher’s life growing up in New York. The comedy follows a fashionista from Queens, who gets a job nannying for three children in Manhattan.

Drescher announced on Instagram March 23 that The Nanny will hit the streaming service next month. “I’m constantly experiencing how current it remains, particularly with the millennials,” Drescher told Entertainment Weekly last year. “I’m very aware of the Fran and The Nanny accounts. We’re doing The Nanny musical on Broadway, it was an amazing thing and it’s the gift that keeps on giving.”

That it is. Once the news was released, fans started freaking out on Twitter. “When The Nanny drop on HBO Max, do not check up on me. Do not worry about me. Imma be enjoying it,” one fan tweeted.

Another made a divisive statement about The Nanny‘s comparison to Friends: “No because The Nanny is way better than Friends and is a way better ’90s sitcom.”

Maybe, but be careful making that statement to a diehard Friends fan!

One user wrote, “OMG the way I will be watching The Nanny every night before bed JUST like old times.”

Drescher was known for her style on the show, and many fans have dubbed her a “fashion icon.” 

“I think Fran would have gotten involved in a fashion blog on how to look like a million bucks on a shoestring budget,” she told E! News about what her character would be doing now. “Or maybe she might’ve gotten involved in local politics. She always did have a voice for the underdog, for the union workers.”

A true icon.


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