The Hilaria Baldwin Accent Controversy, Explained


She continued, “I try to speak more clearly in each language…but sometimes I mess it up, and it’s not something that I’m playing at, so I want that to be very, very, very clear.”

In a second response, Hilaria insisted that she spent much of her life in Spain. “I was moving around a lot, but I came here when I was 19 years old to go to college,” she said. 

Other members of Hilaria’s family have weighed in. 

Her husband Alec’s eight and a half minute video touched on a number of topics, like the utility of social media and Jeffrey Epstein. “There’s things that have been said lately about people I love, people I care about, which are ridiculous. Consider the source,” he said, seemingly in reference to Twitter, though the “sources” quoted online include Hilaria’s own statements.

Ireland Basinger Baldwin, Alec’s adult daughter with his ex-wife Kim Basinger, addressed the drama on Instagram Stories, telling the camera, “I just wanted to say a couple of things, if you’ll allow me.” 

The 25-year-old model asked the public to “stop sending” her “this stupid-ass thread” about her stepmother. “It’s so pathetic that anyone would want to play detective and dig that deep into someone’s life that they don’t know, don’t know anything about,” she continued, adding that the holidays this year have been hard for many people, herself included. “The last thing we really need to do is start shit and gossip about something that is just so, so stupid.” 


She noted that even in the “dug up” tweets from Hilaria’s old schoolmates, everyone remembers her as “really kind,” and says “that’s because she is very kind. She’s a good person.”

Twitter, of course, had thoughts on these responses.

A number of comedians recorded their own version of Hilaria’s response, while Alec’s monologue got clipped into one-sentence sound bites to make memes from.

Hilaria Baldwin, meanwhile, is back to posting about her family, and Twitter will probably have a new main character in a few days.

This post will continue to be updated if more information comes to light.


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