The Coffin Nail Trends You’ll Be Seeing Everywhere This Fall


A marker for showcasing your personality while also adorning yourself, coffin nails are here to stay. If you’ve decided to swap out your go-to shape to give it a spin but are looking for some fall acrylic nails inspiration, read on. From jeweled tips to a classic french with a tropical twist, we’ve rounded up 10 of the cutest coffin fall nails to bookmark for your next salon visit. 

Icy Tips

These transparent tips by Brooklyn-based artist Melissa Samuel look good any season, rain or shine, but pair especially well with crisp weather and dark blue skies. The 3-D droplets added to create a wet look take the manicure to the next level. 

French With a Twist

A classic french manicure will always be in style. But if you’re over the white tips and want something a little fresher, try opting for a striking blue. If you’re still wishing it was summer, add some florals and watch your nails transport you far, far away to a luscious holiday escape. 

Or if you prefer to turn up the heat and embrace the pumpkin season of it all, this flaming french mani is the perfect blueprint for your next set. The overlapping lines create an almost reptilian effect that will be sure to draw all eyes on you. If you’re looking for the best shade, check out these fall-perfect colors.

Prints On

Emilie Heathe partnered with artist Gina Edwards to create the tongue-in-cheek nail looks for the debut Pyer Moss couture show. Inspired by African-American inventions like the super soaker, Edwards played with large prints and custom decals.

Sparkly Decals

Mixing metals doesn’t just apply to your jewelry—it can work for your nails as well. The key is to also play with shapes so the different elements can really get their shine. Take notes from Maria Sanchez, who created dimension with gold lettering accented by pearl baubles. 

Another way to add some sparkle? Don’t limit yourself to the nail bed. If you’re feeling adventurous, why not add a couple of dangling gems to your tips? This mani created by Edwards was made to be admired. 

Neutral With an Edge

Sometimes it’s best to go back to basics, like this glossy mani. The muted color is also a great transitional option for those who are exploring or new to the extra added length.

But if you want to upgrade your neutrals, a color block is always a good way to go. Toria Elem mixes it up by added a chocolate brown marble affect to the accent nail.

An easy way to upgrade your color block to the next level is to play with lines—like a pointed French, or a diagonal split. To finish it off and give it a romantic edge, add some gold leafing to the edges.

Ballerina Coffin

For an even more pronounced coffin shape, experiment with the ballerina coffin. The tapering happens higher up on the nail, giving you claws for days. 

Flip Manicure

We’ve neglected the backside of our nails for far too long. If you really want to switch things up, a flip mani is your best bet. Watch for the pleasantly surprised looks when people catch a shimmering underside of your nail as you wave good-bye. 

Another cute flip manicure, this set turns bedazzling on its head. Decking out the underside allows you to have the best of both worlds—muted on the top, a party in the back.

Precious Gems 

There’s something soothing and almost mystical about a gem-inspired mani. This amethyst set by Las Vegas-based nail tech Giselle will take your hands to new heights, not to mention they look incredibly chic. Gold accents really make everything better.

Turns out these nails look really good next to a marble print. If you’re looking for direction on how to tie the different designs together, see this set: a couple details like gothic lettering and metallic flakes bring everything into balance. 

Mixed Prints

Sometimes you can’t choose just one—so pick them all! This super cute mixed print mani combines thick swirls, a cascade of gradient dots, and a glitter base. Sounds a bit crazy but turns out it looks amazing. 

But if you’re into a theme, a childhood fave—like the Toy Story one seen here—is one idea. The blue skies, Woody’s plaid shirt…this modern take is sure to inspire countless nostalgic thoughts.

Retro Lines

It’s like your aunt’s favorite dress from the eighties, with a modern refresh. Add some gold hoops and a bright red lip and you’ll be ready to hit the town. 


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