The Best Summer Hair Colors to Try Now That Salons Are Reopening

As things slowly start to return to normal, the search for the best summer hair colors is on. After a year of box dye and overgrown roots, we can finally safely return to the hands of our hairdressers for a much-needed refresh. Over the past several months the overarching trend seemed to be low-maintenance shades with minimal salon upkeep—but much like summer makeup this year, the season’s coolest trend is whatever makes you feel like the best version of yourself. 

“People are ready to get out and show off and live their best lives, and I’m seeing that with color,” says Tracey Cunningham, a celebrity colorist and the author of True Color. “Some are going super blonde, and others are sticking to a beautiful balayage or ombré that makes them look and feel their best.” She says a big trend in her salon has been clients going lighter and brighter. (It is summer, after all.) “Highlights are back in. Every time I’m in the salon, I see hair getting blonder, blonder, blonder—whether their natural tone is a brunette, redhead, or darker blonde.”

No matter what your vibe is, we rounded up the coolest summer hair colors to try, from the bold Technicolor to the low-key natural and everything in between. We even threw in a few DIY options, in case you’re still committed to social distancing. (Just be sure to read our guide on how to color your hair at home first.) Read on for 33 hair colors to try this summer, and get ready to book an appointment. (Aren’t you so glad we can say that again?)

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