11 No-Show Socks to Wear With the Trickiest of Shoes

The demise of many cute outfits come summer is often caused by the painful display of peeking socks. That’s why we’re determined to find the best no-show socks for women to prevent any further sartorial tragedies. (You can thank us later.)

At first glance, the pursuit for invisible liners may appear to be a rather simple task, but anyone’s who’s endured an afternoon of walking around with multiple heel-and-toe blisters in new leather sneakers will tell you there’s more to no-show socks than meets the eye. Either the wrong pair balls up at the bottom of the shoe, the elastic digs painfully into the heel, or the fabric is so thick it defies the very nature of being a no-show sock.

The list of grievances caused by an ill-fitting style is long—and yet, in the dense thicket of internet tabs, we found redeeming (and objectively cute) options to restore our faith in thoughtful sock design. After all, we won’t stop wearing our ballet flats, our chunky leather loafers, or our slip-on sneakers anytime soon, so it’s only right that we fill our drawers with pairs that stay put, keep our feet from sweating profusely, and hold up for longer than a single machine wash. Ahead, 11 of the best no-show socks for women to shop now.

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