The Best Space Heaters to Keep Your Home Cozy All Winter

Hibernating season is upon us, and the best space heaters are here to save the day with innovative designs, settings, and added safety features to help you stave off the cold winter’s chill. Along with fuzzy slippers, weighted blankets, and all things shearling, they’ve made themselves a seasonal necessity. While your usual central heating system or corner radiator might have most of your space covered, these home appliances are clutch for piping warm air into cool corners of large rooms (e.g. those near a window) or heating up a drafty home office. 

Not only that, but plugging in a heater—and then turning down your thermostat—can help bring down your electric bill while keeping you at the desired temperature. But not all types of space heaters are created equal: From compact desk pods that are easy to move to powerful towers that can take on larger rooms, the top picks can offer something for everyone. Whether you’re looking to carve out a cozy corner warm up an entire room, we’ve got you: Read on to discover the best space heaters for every style, space, and price point.

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