Fans Think David Beckham Stood On His Tip-Toes For His Family Christmas Photo

The Beckham family continues to be one of the most attractive and stylish broods in Britain, but that doesn’t mean David Beckham won’t do everything he can to give himself a leg up…or should we say a foot? In the family’s latest Christmas photo posted by Victoria Beckham, fans have noticed a hilariously charming detail about the soccer star

In the picture, the entire Beckham clan smiles in front of a Christmas tree, with Posh Spice even gracing us with her version of a wide grin (a tight-lipped head nod). “Christmas kisses from the Beckhams! 🎄🎁✨” wrote Victoria under the Instagram post. 

Fans were quick to point out that the family patriarch appears to be standing on his tip-toes to hold his own next to his very tall son, 19-year-old Romeo Beckham. Either that, or he is wearing some kind of heeled boots. 

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“David’s on tippy toes 😂” commented one follower, while another wrote, “Amazing pic, especially Mr. Beckham on his tip toes.” These are just a couple of comments about #tiptoegate, though none of the Beckhams have responded so far. 


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