The Best Sleep Masks to Help You Drift Off in Peace

Holly Golightly’s light blue eye mask from Breakfast at Tiffany’s will live on as one of the best sleep masks in our minds. But for those who don’t dream of magically waking up and looking like Audrey Hepburn, there are other options. A silk pillowcase and matching sleep mask may be an indulgent way to catch your Zzz’s, but a cashmere version can pair with your comfiest pants, and a weighted eye mask may be the most soothing option—especially if you’ve had a particularly rough year (hi, everyone). 

Whether you need the best sleep mask to block out the light from your partner’s late-night Instagram scroll or one to keep the early-morning sun from disturbing your routine, here are 17 of the best sleep masks to add to your nightstand, stat.

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