The Best Hair Dryer Brushes for a Perfect At-Home Blow-Out


The best hair dryer brushes are one of our favorite examples of two beauty products teaming up to become much more than the sum of their parts. There are times when hot tool hybrids can feel gimmicky, but this particular combination just works—and you can find an endless stream of TikTok videos and glowing reviews to prove it. 

If you’ve never used a blow-dryer brush before, picture your favorite round brush with a cord on the end, enabling it to blow heat as you set your style. For those who love the results of a salon blow-out, but don’t want to watch 50 YouTube tutorials in order to re-create them at home, this solution makes the whole process as easy as brushing your hair. As thermal brushes have evolved over the years, they’ve gotten upgrades and add-ons (hello, $500 Dyson Airwrap), but the basic concept remains the same. Along with cutting out the need to juggle two tools at once, they also deliver a faster way to get your desired volume, bounce, and shine.

From OG drugstore gems to splurges worth the money, here are the 13 best hair dryer brushes for every hair type: curls, waves, fine, thick, or bleached. Pick your fighter, grab a bottle of heat protectant to ward off thermal damage, and say goodbye to your days of double-fisting a dryer with a brush forever.

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