19 Essential Products for the Best Bath of Your Life


A new year is always a good reason to reflect and reset, and while the best bubble bath won’t solve the world’s problems, it might help you forget about them for the night. Whether you purge your closet or dial back the late-night screen time, it’s prime time to level up, and 2021 feels particularly big when it comes to change. The preceding year which shan’t be named was complete and utter trash, so we could all benefit from a soothing soak and a fresh start—and these relaxing bath essentials will take your self-care game to new heights.

Remember simpler times when you’d dunk your Barbie in a mountain of bubbles, throw in some bouncy bath pearls, and slather on that sudsy L’oreal shampoo from the fish-shaped bottle? You’d stay in there for hours on end, splashing about and ignoring the homework waiting on the other side of the door—and it’s time we reclaim bath time like it’s 1999. From aromatic oils to portable speakers and a much-needed bath caddy, shop the 19 best bubble bath essentials for elevated bath time in 2021 and beyond.

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