The Best Bikini Trimmers for Smooth Skin

As we all know, there’s no correct way to wear your pubes. That said, if you do shave, chances are your seasonal quest to find the best bikini trimmer has probably intensified this year. Last summer we were so collectively concerned with not succumbing to a pandemic that pubic hair, generally, was not front of mind for most folks. But now it’s May and we’re about to plunge into Vaxxed Girl Summer. While the potential for beach trips is thrilling, some of us are still on the fence about having our pubes handled professionally even if there’s a waxing place open near where you live. Luckily, there are a ton of trimmers—and techniques—out there for handling your post-pandemic pubic situation because, as you know, sensitive areas require a bit more than a can of Barbasol and a single-blade razor, especially if you’re dealing with sensitive skin or a tendency for ingrown hairs. Regardless of how bare you want to go or what your skin concerns are, get ready for the best vaxxed and waxed—or trimmed or shaved or sugared!—summer ever. Whether you’re looking for a close shave for your bikini line (or an even closer shave all over), an electric razor with different length settings, or the best product to keep ingrown hairs at bay, we’ve got you and your bikini line covered with our picks for the best bikini trimmers—and some key aftercare products—of 2021.

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