The Best Audiobooks of 2021 to Add to Your Listening Queue

The best audiobooks 2021 had to offer may include titles about sexy parties, debilitating loss, and lesbian time travel, but make no mistake—great audiobooks take us back to the way we loved stories as children.

When we were young, new books read out loud were one of our first forms of entertainment. Our parents read out loud to us, or maybe our grandparents, aunts, uncles, older siblings. Our babysitters put us to bed with stories. Our teachers pinched picture books wide open as they read and read and read, lovingly, patiently. For many children, having books to read aloud is a major part of life. In adulthood it disappears, except—audiobooks. There’s just something so nostalgic about downloading the new must-read book on Amazon Audible. 

From Amazon best sellers to the nonfiction books that stuck with us long after they were over, here are the best audiobooks 2021 gave us, according to Glamour staffers.

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