The 38 Best Sex Toys for Couples, According to Sex Therapists


Like many things in relationships, the best sex toys for couples can be a tricky thing to agree on—but it’s so worth it, since they’re ultimately an investment in your sexual health and wellness. And if you’d drop a couple hundred dollars on an exercise bike, why not spend the same on your sex life? There’s something out there for just about any kind of person, budget, and preference, let alone two people—and things get even more personalized with all the attachments you can add to your favorite vibrator.

Assuming you and your partner have agreed to purchase one (kudos!), the next step is deciding what toy—or toys—you want to bring into the bedroom. As Good Vibrations staff sexologist Carol Queen, Ph.D., tells Glamour, any toy can be a couple’s toy. Their use is as diverse as the people within a given relationship, and they don’t have to be used for just penetrative intercourse.

Plus, partner sex isn’t one specific act. For starters, foreplay is key, and these toys can help you explore different erogenous zones. They can take the tension relief of makeup sex to the next level, and assuming you’re both past the “should you or shouldn’t you buy a sex toy?” stage, a new gadget could be just what the two of you need to blow off steam. (After all, when’s the last time you felt vibrations so good you nearly passed out?)

With so many factors involved, the bed can start to feel a bit crowded, so we asked sex therapists, educators, and counselors to share the sex toys they recommend for couples, and boy, did they deliver. From vibrating penis rings to G-spot stimulators, finger vibrators that can be used during penetrative sex, and a tongue-like attachment that simulates the real thing, browse the 38 best sex toys for couples that are just as fun to use together as they are alone

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