Tea Bombs Are the New Hot Cocoa Bombs, and They’re Very Pretty


Just a few months after hot cocoa “bombs” took over TikTok, a new beverage trend has emerged: tea bombs. And they’re just as pretty. 

They work the same way hot cocoa bombs did: Place in a mug or cup, then pour hot water on top to dissolve, and presto! Instant drink.

It’s worth pointing out this is also just a method for making tea. If you were to put, say, a tea bag in a mug, and pour hot water on it, you would have made tea. Just saying.

But part of the fun of this trend seems to be not just the pleasure of drinking tea but of making the colorful, creative spheres. There are all kinds of methods on TikTok, but the basic gist is to pour melted liquid sugar (more details here) into a mold and fill with tea leaves, edible flowers, and any other pretty ingredients you want. Then you let it cool and harden into a half-sphere, melt the edges, stick two together, and you have a ball you can store or transport easily.

It seems many TikTok-ers are using tea bags in the center of their bombs, essentially using the bomb structure to package add-ons they’d like in their drink. 

Experiment with different flavors and shapes…or just order some pretty ones online; that’s totally allowed too. The way this one sparkles! Why am I mesmerized? I didn’t even know what this was a few hours ago. 

What foodie trend will TikTok come up with next? We’ve already seen a recipe for juice bombs…how about water bombs? You could melt some water and then cool it into a shape, put it in a glass and then pour other warmer water over it until…wait, that’s ice. Sorry, we accidentally invented ice. Let’s stick with the tea bombs for now.


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