Kate Middleton Says Her Kids Hate This New Job She’s Taken in Quarantine


Like many parents, Kate Middleton has had to wear many hats in quarantine: parent, teacher, and—wait for it—hairdresser.

This is something Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis aren’t particularly fond of, the Duchess of Cambridge said to parents during a video chat, People reports

“I have become a hairdresser in lockdown–much to my children’s horror,” she said. 

We’re sure Middleton isn’t thrilled about the new job, either–what parent would be? But I will say whenever we’ve seen glimpses of her kids during lockdown, they’ve looked so cute. Whatever tutorial she’s following is working.

And it’s not like she has to cut their hair every day. Helping with schoolwork, on the other hand, is an ongoing issue. Asked to rate her math skills from one to 10, Middleton gave herself a negative five. She happily admitted, “I’m obviously right at the bottom!”

A longtime advocate for early childhood education and mental health resources for families, Duchess Catherine emphasized the importance not of getting every little assignment done, but of staying healthy and as happy as possible during lockdown. She described parenting during the pandemic as “exhausting” and reminded the other parents on the call, “It’s important for our children that we look after ourselves too.

“Fingers crossed, let’s hope for the positivity as you’ve all been saying,” she continued. “Make sure everyone looks after themselves—it’s very hard to prioritize, but it’s definitely needed now more than ever.”

As a royal, Kate Middleton is obviously in a different position than most people when it comes to the pandemic’s challenges. But as a mother of three kids suddenly unable to go to school, she can relate to the increase in activity at home. “As parents, we have day-to-day elements of being a parent, but, I suppose, during lockdown we’ve had to take on additional roles that others in our community and lives would have helped us with,” she said. “I know how challenging it is juggling work, home life, school life, and everything else that you, as parents, are doing, so really well done.” 


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