Taylor Swift’s ‘Evermore’ Hair May Have a Hidden Meaning


When it comes to Taylor Swift, nothing about her album drops are ever incidental…perhaps not even her hair on the cover of Evermore.

While have fans scoured the songs for references, they’re also getting inspired by Swift’s braid, which may have some secret meanings of its own. The album art features Swift facing away from the camera in a plaid coat, her long blonde hair plaited down her back. 

First, there are the lyrical connections to evermore’s sister album Folklore. “Your braids make a pattern/ love you to the moon and to Saturn/ passed down like folk songs,” she sings in the song “Seven.” Now, it’s her braid passing down her back like folk songs. But is there a pattern? Maybe!

Obviously, fans started looking for a message in her French braid and they may have found one! An intrepid Twitter Swiftie counted 31 folds in Swift’s hair, significant because 31 is the “mirror” to 13, Swift’s favorite number, and because the singer will turn 31 on Sunday, December 13.

“I just counted the turns on @taylorswift13 braid and it’s 31 turns,” the fan tweeted. “And she’s turning 31 on December 13…is dis coincidence? Don’t think soooo.”

If you think this is a reach, remember that this is Taylor Swift, the queen of the Easter egg. As they say in Mean Girls, that’s why her hair is so big. It’s full of secrets!

The braid appears once again in the music video for “willow,” topped with a bridal headband, so expect this arrangement to replace flower crowns once wedding season picks up again. (Speaking of wedding season, thanks to some more album imagery, fans are speculating that Swift may be a married woman. Click here for more on that.)

But back to Swift’s hair! Her album has even inspired its own Instagram challenge, with fans honoring the singer by recreating the evermore album cover with their own braids and whatever plaid tops they have on hand. It’s called the #evermorechallenge and it looks good on everyone!

Listen, we love an Instagram beauty challenge where you don’t even have to wash your face. Guess you could say we’ll be experimenting with this braid…forevermore.


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