Clare Crawley Responds to Wedding Rumors After Calling Dale Moss ‘My Husband’

Clare Crawley just dropped the “H” word, instantly sparking wedding rumors. 

In an Instagram Story posted on December 10, Crawley and her fiancé Dale Moss took a (masked!) trip to the grocery store. “Nothing makes me happier than grocery shopping with my husband,” Crawley reportedly quipped, per Us Weekly

When Crawley began season 16 of The Bachelorette, she immediately connected with Moss, the pair soon becoming a match made in reality-tv heaven. Long story short: Their love was so strong that none of the other suitors stood a chance, Moss proposed, and the producers replaced Crawley with Tayshia Adams

Things between Crawley and Moss may be moving fast, but they’re not moving that fast. Shortly after posting the aforementioned Instagram story, Crawley tamped down fan speculation about the state of their union, writing in another Instagram Story, “Slip of the tongue! We aren’t married!”

Since everything went down, Crawley and Moss have stayed committed to one another, though Crawley recently admitted that exploring a new love while in the spotlight isn’t always the easiest.

Just after Thanksgiving, On November 28, she posted a picture of herself being reflective (listen, it’s a mirror selfie, let us make our little jokes) with the caption, “Hi. It’s me, Clare. Not Clare that you have seen edited on your television or social media squares. But the human one with feelings, insecurities, emotions, and a normal life just like you…There are good days and bad days. Being on reality TV doesn’t exempt me (or any of us) from that. I will always do my best to rise above the negativity and find the positive, but I am not superhuman. So when you choose to pass judgements without knowing someone personally or even something as small as a snide comment, please remember [I am] just like you, I am simply trying my best❤️”

More recently, Crawley posted Stories of New York City’s famous Levain chocolate chip cookies, and of Moss stringing holiday lights around stair railings. The couple is definitely getting into the season’s spirit.

Considering how quickly this has all come together, we’re glad to hear they’re taking the actual wedding slow and steady, even if Dale Moss is already Clare Crawley’s husband in her heart.

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