Sweet and Savory Party Snack Ideas for Your Next Gathering

Right after you pick the date, party snack ideas are the first thing you should consider as you plan your next gathering. Why? Good food gets people talking. (Bad food does too, but that’s not what you want your parties to be remembered for.) Of course, music, decor, theme, and location all matter, but great party snacks can often make up for any shortcomings in the other categories.

Below, six delicious party snack ideas that will make hosting a pleasure, not a chore.


The croquembouche, a French dessert tower made from cream-filled choux pastry puffs, is a fantastic way to bring people together. (Especially people who love sweets!) Kim-Joy, the baker and author behind Baking With Kim-Joy, suggests adding an element of surprise by filling the puffs with different flavors of crème diplomat—a decadent mix of whipped cream and classic custard.

“It’s great because it’s one big cake, but eating it feels like snacking,” says Kim-Joy, whose Instagram account features adorable—and often animal-inspired—bite-size baked goods. You can kick the cuteness up a notch by turning the puffs into pigs, or as Kim-Joy calls them, Pigfiteroles.

Ellis Parrinder/Courtesy of @kimjoyskitchen


For something buttery and fluffy, consider madeleines—small shell-shaped sponge cakes—or Kim-Joy’s take, which is panda-inspired. “I love my Pandaleines for a party snack,” she says. “Anything cute with a face puts people in a better mood and is a good talking point. It’s always good to have food that can start conversations and bring people together.” Watch her how-to video here.


Scones are a classic party snack for a tea or a garden picnic party. Of course, Kim-Joy prefers them when they’re green and smiling. “You can decorate scones as frogs,” she says. Use a standard scone recipe, but color the tops green and add balls of dough for eyes; stick-on edible eyeballs (added after they’re done baking) are the finishing touch. Says Kim-Joy: “These are fun—plus, you can make them with savory or sweet add-ins.” Hey, who doesn’t like having options?

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