‘Saturday Night Live’ Turned ‘Squid Game’ into a Country Song by Pete Davidson and Rami Malek

Given that Squid Game is officially Netflix’s biggest series ever after being watched by over 111 million users in less than one month, it was only a matter of time before it got the Saturday Night Live treatment.

On October 16, SNL star Pete Davidson and host Rami Malek made a country song out of the South Korean drama about a group of poverty-stricken players fighting for a boatload of money in a series of deadly children’s games. This might sound silly in and of itself, but it’s actually pretty fitting when you consider country music’s history of spotlighting economic inequality in America…but I digress.

In the three minute and thirty-second sketch, Davidson and Malek compete in the show’s famed competitions, including Red Light Green Light, the Dalgona cookie game, and the glass bridge, all while singing about “bunk beds, new friends, and the piggy bank up in the sky.”

“45 billion won, that’s a whole lot of money,” Malek sings at one point in the song. “At least I think it is…I’m confused by the currency.” It is! Per Forbes, the Squid Game grand prize of 45,600,000,000 won is $38,460,271.20.

Watch the full sketch here:

And check out the lyrics in full:

Don’t got a lot of money/Drive a rusted-out Chevy.
I just got laid off/Bar tab ain’t paid off. 
My ex-wife hates me/Even had to sell my puppy.
Yes, I’m broke and it’s a damn shame/I guess I gotta play the Squid Game.

Yes, I gotta play the Squid Game.
My only option is the Squid Game.
Have a number, not a real name.
‘Cause I’m playing in the Squid Game.

Weird cards/Pink guards locked us in a big room.
They got symbols on their faces like the ones on Play Stations
And the main guy looks like Doctor Doom. 

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