Sarah Drew Says Her ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Return Is Setting Japril Up for a ‘Great Journey’


Grey’s Anatomy fans experienced some bittersweet feelings during May 6’s episode. On the one hand, April (Sarah Drew) returned and revealed to Jackson (Jesse Williams) that her marriage had ended. This, of course, opens the door for a Japril romance reunion, which is exciting. 

But the episode also marked the beginning of the end for Williams: His last episode of the show will be on May 20. Jackson and April will now both be in Boston, so does that mean they’ll get back together? 

Drew has thoughts—and they’ll make fans happy. When asked by reporters if she thinks Jackson and April are endgame, she said (per Entertainment Tonight), “I am deciding that they are. I think we’re leaving it up to the audience to come to whatever conclusion that makes them happiest. But I’ve never been shy about wanting Japril to be endgame. It’s what I’ve wanted the whole time. One of the biggest heartbreaks about me leaving in season 14 is that they didn’t get to be endgame. That was one of my biggest heartbreaks. Who knows what happens when they make their way to Boston. I think there’s a great deal of hope that’s there.” 

Naturally, fans are clamoring for a Grey’s Anatomy spin-off centering on Jackson and April in Boston. And while nothing’s officially in the works, Drew is all for it. She even has specific ideas.

“How cool would that show be?” she said. “I gotta be honest. I’ve been on Twitter and Japril was, I think, trending worldwide all day. It was absolute insanity. When I read the script [for the May 6 episode], even just going on set to get my COVID test before we started shooting it, running into crew members and they were like, ‘Oh, we thought this was a spin-off.’ It feels like it’s setting up for a really great journey. And I was like, ‘I know.’ How amazing and needed is a show about racial justice in the medical field and inequity and equality? How amazing would that be?”

“Setting up for a really great journey.” That’s the phrase I’m latching onto. Does it mean anything? No, but at least it shows Drew is excited about the possibilities. Now, we just have to get Jesse Williams on board. And Shonda Rhimes! 


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