37 Summer Wedding Guest Dresses for Every Kind of Ceremony


So much was put on hold in 2020, so if you’re shopping for summer wedding guest dresses, someone in your life is probably approaching their special, long-awaited day. As vaccinations roll out and cities reopen across the country, lovebirds are coming out of quarantine to make their dream nuptials a reality—whether they decide to do a low-key ceremony or opt for the increasingly popular “mini-mony.” 

For those who are kicking off summer single, dating, or in a coronavirus-proof relationship, there’s plenty to celebrate—you can dress to the nines and attend a wedding without cell phones flashing at you from every direction. And while most big bashes have been replaced with more intimate gatherings, celebrating love is still as delightful as ever, especially after a harrowing year. So whether you’re headed to a breezy beachside setting or a rooftop soirée, shop our selection of summer wedding guest dresses that will get the job done.

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