Riley and Maurissa of ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Are Already Talking Babies

In the Bachelor in Paradise finale, Riley Christian shared with Maurissa Gunn his dream of having a family. “When I see you, I see Sunday morning,” he told her. (I’m not crying—you are.) It was a rare moment of true sincerity in a show more known for things like nude volleyball, body tacos, and “vagina dancing”—and that’s all just this season. Since their first date, it was clear Riley and Maurissa had instant and intense chemistry. And while they had their fair share of PDA (can we get these two a whipped-cream sponsorship, stat?), they’ve proved to be one of the most solid couples to leave Paradise, in this or any season. 

Now the couple is turning their attention to the future. They sat down with Glamour to talk about how they got here, what surprised them most about each other after leaving Mexico, and what’s next.

Glamour: Riley, after fantasy suites, you told Maurissa you weren’t sure you were ready for an engagement. Was that just to throw her off the scent, or were you still not sure at that point?

Riley Christian: After the fantasy suites, it was just a moment where [I realized] me being engaged and having a family is everything that I ever wanted. So it was one of those things that it was like, okay, let’s actually stop and make sure you think it through. It was a very short thought process, actually. I kind of knew what I wanted already and where I was leading toward and what was going to happen. But it’s like, you know what? This is a big moment, man. Focus on it, think about it, and then after that, it was all she wrote and it was game time.

Maurissa, you had a couple of other suitors throughout the season. What was it about Riley that drew you in?

Maurissa Gunn: I had no idea who he was before he came down the beach because I didn’t watch his season. So the conversation that we had right away, within two minutes, we had so much in common. We just clicked. So I was like, I know this is going to be a good one. And then after the date everything was smooth sailing from there.

You’re like, “We both like whipped cream…”

Maurissa: Well, he actually didn’t like whipped cream before, but now he loves it.

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