Rihanna Just Wore an Oversized Blazer With Shorts, Pearls, and a Baseball Cap


Proving once again she can pair pieces like no one else alive, Rihanna just invented the next great summer outfit: huge blazer, tiny shorts, hat, and jewelry. She debuted this ensemble while walking around New York City on June 29. Oh, and I almost forgot to mention the red lipstick. Highly crucial.

Also crucial are the stilettos and anklet (are anklets back?), reminding us that while many mere mortals have lost a good heel to the uneven sidewalks and subway steps of the Big Apple, Rihanna can actually walk across grates in tiny high heels with no problem. It’s her superpower. And her second superpower, of course, is collecting wine glasses from clubs and restaurants. All I want in the freaking world is to live one day as Rihanna. 


Baseball caps can actually be quite fashionable. Hillary Clinton famously wore a New York Yankees one with her own blazer, and Rihanna put a picture of that look on a T-shirt. And then Lena Dunham put a picture of Rihanna wearing a picture of Hillary Clinton on her shirt…on a shirt. October 2016 was a time, y’all.

These days Rihanna is absolutely leaning into Hot Girl Summer. She’s in a relationship with rapper A$AP Rocky, who called her “the love of my life” and “my lady” in a recent interview, before totally making out with her in public just to let everyone with eyes know it’s for real for real. They were also spotted going to a popular bar in Brooklyn…and almost getting turned away because they reportedly didn’t have proper IDs. (Rihanna doesn’t need ID! She’s Rihanna!) Now that she’s back in her iconic pixie cut, we can only imagine the serves coming our way. Maybe some new music? Please let it be new music. We need some new music.


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