Hunter Schafer Likes Her Makeup to Be a Mini Painting


I feel like I’ve given several different answers to this since the show came out because my favorite changes all the time. Right now it’s the club look in episode seven. I really loved that look because there’s something really minimal and artistic and sort of abstract about it. It’s also kind of emotional, and adaptable with the kind of emotions that Jules moves through in that sequence. She has these these two darker small beads attached on either side of her eyes, and then this small, angular line on her lid that we had to redo like five times to make sure it was the right angle. We wanted her to look fierce but not too angry. And then she had blacklight mascara on, which was really cool; when she ends up crying, it moves down her face in a really beautiful way. I really loved what happened with that look. 

Do you have any input when it comes to the makeup on the show? 

One hundred percent. I would say nearly every aspect of Euphoria is pretty dang collaborative. But particularly with Donni [Davy, the show’s makeup artist], it feels like every time we establish a new look, it’s a little mini adventure in the makeup trailer. Particularly with Jules, I think we both feel we get to do her looks with a level of experimentation that’s really fun. It feels painterly a lot of the time, which is my vibe for sure.  

If you could change one thing about beauty perceptions in Hollywood or on social media, what would it be? 

Something that scares me a little bit about social media: It’s like a new wave of mainstream culture, but it still feels a bit like a guinea pig project in that we don’t really know how it’s affecting us in the masses. Especially younger people, and how fast trends move. The more optimistic side thinks, Well, these trends are moving so fast now, it’s almost like trends don’t exist anymore and everyone’s just doing their own thing. So then it just really feels like a giant space of experimenting, which I’m definitely here for. 

But on another side of the internet, I think there’s also still a pressure—that has been around since freaking forever—to look a certain way. A certain standard of beauty, which has evolved over the years and morphed into different things depending on who’s the most influential beauty icon at the time. It scares me because sometimes I do feel like masses of people begin to strive to look like one singular person, which I don’t find to be a healthy movement. 

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