Peanut Butter Cup Hair Is the Sweetest Trend This Fall


Not feeling bleaching your brunette hair but wanting to switch up the shade? Peanut butter cup hair could be the answer. The low-risk, high-reward style is a sweet take on deep brown hair, and it’s Kendall Jenner–approved.

The trend falls in line with the face-framing looks we’ve seen all over Instagram this summer. It’s a strong, dark brown shade that brings some mystery to your face, fit for a Netflix main character. Plus, it’s natural enough that it looks like you really did wake up like this. 

“I love this for any deep brunettes that have medium to long hair, [and] wavy to curly hair textures,” says Karissa Schaudt, a colorist at Maxine Salon in Chicago. “Brunettes can feel stuck in their dark shades and don’t know how to change it up without becoming a blonde.”

Peanut butter cup hair is proof that blondes aren’t the only ones to have more fun. If you’re worried about communicating this to your stylist, have no fear. For those with brunette hair who’ve never dyed their locks before, it’s a pretty simple process. 

“This is minimal and natural, especially on virgin hair,” Schaudt says. “Ask your colorist for this deep warm shade and paint it mids to ends, focusing the majority of the pieces around the face.”

This shade is a continuation of the bright, face-framing pieces (often called the money piece) that started trending last year. However, this year’s take on the trend is a little softer and totally subtle. Celebrity colorist Guy Tang is also a fan of the style, and he suggests keeping the highlights toward the front, which frames your face and mirrors where the sun naturally lightens your hair, just taken up a few notches. Tang recommends going only one or two levels lighter than your base color to keep things modern, and asking your stylist to feather your highlights for a seamless transition. 


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