Model Elsa Hosk Says Random Men DM Her and Criticize Her Breastfeeding Pics


Victoria’s Secret model Elsa Hosk just had to remind her followers that mammals evolved to have breasts to feed their babies, and if you have a problem with that…quit the species?

The Swedish model, who welcomed her first child (a daughter) with partner Tom Daly in February 2021, recently returned to work and wanted to share the moment on Instagram. She posted a picture to IG Stories of herself breastfeeding in the back of a car and wrote, “Mom on set life.” Harmless, right?

Wrong. Two hours later, she added another snap, this time addressing the DMs she presumably received since uploading the first picture. “Find it interesting the amount of dm:s [sic] I get from men who get offended when you post a photo breastfeeding… like,,, why is the most natural thing so offending to you? Breasts literally excists [sic] so we can feed our children,” she wrote.


Hosk didn’t elaborate on the specifics of the DMs, but we can only imagine they were less than tactful. Normalizing public breastfeeding is, strangely, still an ongoing cultural battle, but to kick up a fuss on Instagram seems especially childish. If you don’t want to watch someone you follow breastfeed, just tap away from the picture. It’s so simple. Why on Earth do you need to send an icky message? That women’s bodies should exist solely for male pleasure is an assumption we must continue to unlearn—bravo to Elsa Hosk for calling these trolls out. 

Undeterred, Hosk also posted a couple breastfeeding pictures to her grid, captioning the moment, “Moms first day back on set and look who came along💖😭❤️” Thankfully, the top comments there were supportive.

Hosk and Daly welcomed their daughter, Tuulikki Joan Daly, on February 11, 2021. “Happiest day of my life meeting you,” Hosk wrote on Instagram about giving birth. “Proudest moment in my life giving birth to you. Named after two strong women, my mom and my grandma-in-law. You came into this world like super-woman with your fist next to your face. We will love you forever, baby Tuuli.”


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