How Whitney Cummings Sleeps At Night

“Sleep is a really big deal for me,” says comedian Whitney Cummings. “We talk about sleep as if it’s only about your sheets and pillows. I did a whole chapter in my book about my sleep routine dealing with childhood trauma and migraines—I would lose sleep thinking ‘Am I going to get a headache tomorrow at this job? What if I get a migraine?’” 

Cummings has had problems sleeping since she was a kid—“I was the weirdo that couldn’t fall asleep at sleepovers and then the next day would be sleeping all day covered in like Cheeto dust, Wet n’ Wild and glitter,” she says. It’s no wonder her adult sleep ritual is “an all day thing.” Addressing childhood trauma and addiction helped her create healthier habits, she says. “I’ve learned to really train my brain with routine.”

Getting on the right birth control also helped. “If you don’t have your hormones in check, if you have migraines, then you have sleep problems. I finally got on a birth control that works for me,” says Cummings, who is now a spokesperson for Annovera. “I was on a lot of birth controls that made me kind of like go numb or made me not into sex. So my gyno suggested Annovera as the best option for my migraines.”

All this is to say, Cummings has a lot of pro tips for creating a relaxing nighttime ritual—which also involves a robust skincare routine. “I have oils in every room in my house, and in my car, and in my purse and by my toilet, so in the middle of the night, when I get up to pee, I’ll reapply. I treat my skin like a piece of leather—I’m never not lubed up,” she says. “I’m a female comic—I know what’s in store for me. I love Joan Rivers, she’s my hero, but I don’t want to go that route, so I’m trying to figure out the preventative stuff. And sleep is really the number one beauty secret.”

We asked Cummings about how she sleeps on the road, her favorite pajamas, and her many, many moisturizers.

The first step in my pre-bed routine

I do my nighttime routine in stages. So I’ll use a dermal roller, and then I’ll go answer some emails, and then I’ll put one serum on, and then I’ll go make myself some tea, and then another serum.

Ora Face Microneedle Dermal Roller System

The products I’ll apply in the middle of the night

I’m actually starting to get embarrassed by how many I use—I do grapeseed oil and tomato seed oil that I get at Whole Foods. I love Vintner’s Daughter and the Rodin oil. My new obsession is from a Black-owned brand called Epara.

Vintner’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum



Comforting Body Cream

I also use this brand called Glycelene—Hillary Duff sent this to me. It’s amazing. The packaging is gorgeous and it’s all natural and vegan. Oh! And Bomb’d Aesthetics. It’s a Black-owned business, their products are unbelievable. They have these amazing Shea butters and the smells are so cozy, like smoky pine.

Skin Supplement Luxury Face Oil

Natural Glow Serum Daily Moisturizer

The headphones that block out distractions…and help my skin

I sleep in noise-canceling headphones like a corpse [on my back] so that the products actually sink in. Most people spend all this money on products and then they put their face on their pillow and the pillow gets all the treatments.

Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700

The pillow I take everywhere

I have this with me at all times. It’s called a Sleepcrown—it’s like a heavy pillow that is so nice. It’s like a hug for your brain. I also like the Ostrich Pillow.

Ostrichpillow Light Versatile Pillow

The pajamas I splurge on

This is going to sound elitist. They’re Karen Mabon—these are like gifts. But also, I’m the bitch who goes on Etsy and gets vintage housecoats and sweatpants.

Karen Mabon Hot Dog Birthday Party Short Set

What’s currently on my nightstand

Headphones, an eye pillow and like nine oils. People probably think they’re looking at sex toys, walking into a 50 Shades of Gray sex dungeon. I’m like, no it’s not for sex! But I do put oil on my vagina.

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