Michelle Obama Literally Knit Halter Tops for Her Daughters, Malia and Sasha


While the rest of us were making sourdough, starting puzzles, and taking up knitting in quarantine, former first lady Michelle Obama was…also doing that, apparently.

The Waffles + Mochi host told Gayle King on CBS This Morning that despite the lockdowns of the past year, having her family out of the White House means she actually has “more freedom” to do the things she wants. Her days aren’t so full of commitments and engagements and are instead full of knitting—which King calls sort of “old lady” but Obama says is “sort of me. I like creating something out of nothing.”

“Don’t come for my knitting community,” Obama warned King in the interview before admitting she shouldn’t “bore” everybody with the intricacies of her new hobby. But she did brag a little. “I knit Barack a sweater, a crew-neck sweater that he loves,” she said, adding that by the time she finished, the weather had gotten “warmer,” but the sweater is “ready for him” when fall arrives. 

“I knit halter tops for Malia and Sasha that they love,” she continued. Both Obama and King agree there is “something special” about a handmade item passed from mother to daughter. And we have to commend Michelle Obama for keeping up with the trends. Halter tops are back in a major way, and we’re sure both Sasha and Malia appreciate their mom made them something they can actually use. There’s nothing more uncomfortable than wearing an item you don’t like in order to avoid hurting someone’s feelings.

Obama also reflected on how much easier it is to focus on her other projects (both important work and small hobbies) now that President Joe Biden has taken office, as opposed to her daily worry that came with former President Donald Trump. She’s definitely not alone there, I’m sure.


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