Maisie Williams Looks Like a Different Person With Bleached Blonde Hair and Eyebrows


Are ya there, Arya? Maisie Williams, best known for playing the bad-ass who killed the Night King on Game of Thrones, just revealed a new look at the Brit Awards, and while it’s totally cool, it’s also so different from how we’re used to seeing her. Like, I have watched all of GoT and I have seen this picture of Williams with Taylor Swift at least three times today, and I didn’t realize it was her until literally just now.

Williams hit the red carpet, and later the stage, to present Swift with the Global Icon Award, rocking a black-and-white dress and bleached hair and eyebrows. She looks stunning, of course, but also like a completely different person! The next day, May 12, Williams posted pictures of herself with Swift on Instagram, captioned with the singer’s lyric, “look what you made me do🔪🩸💌” Is that a reference to the award…or the makeover?

Oh, and speaking of Maisie Williams’s and Taylor Swift’s looks last night, was the singer’s ensemble a coded reference to her next rerelease project? The outfit was very 1989, but the hair and makeup were both very Red. It’s got us seeing subliminal beauty messages in every direction.

Thankfully, Williams doesn’t play such games, and the reason for her new look is pretty clear. The look is likely for the role Williams is currently filming, Pamela Rooke in an upcoming Sex Pistols biopic for FX, reports BuzzFeed. And the thing is, she’s actually been blonde for a minute, since at least last July. The earliest picture we could find of her blonde brows, though, was a post on April 20 commemorating her birthday. This was not a Billie Eilish situation where she intentionally kept her new look under wraps until it was time for the big reveal. It’s just that without the context of her Instagram page, I honestly couldn’t recognize her!


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