Mary J. Blige Wore Blinged-Out Micro Shorts to the 2022 Super Bowl and Looked Fabulous

Although this year’s Super Bowl halftime performance was full of incredible moments, Mary J. Blige stole the show. (Sorry, Dr. Dre!)

Alongside an all-male cast (in 2022… really?) Blige performed an incredible lyrical medley that was legendary in it’s own right, being the first time rap and hip-hop were the main genres performed at the Super Bowl halftime show.  

But of course, we’re here for the fashion, and no one does it better than Blige. After her glamorous look during the show, she’s no-doubt inducted into our unofficial Best Dressed Hall of Fame alongside JLo and Shakira during the 2020 Super Bowl. Can you say legendary?

The nine-time Grammy wining artist wore a two-piece bedazzled set courtesy of Dundas alongside a squad of background dancers in silver sequined catsuits. The custom look, created by founder Peter Dundas, was a collaborative effort between Blige, Dundas, and the artists’ longtime stylist, Jason Rembert. 

“I thought [the mirrors] worked really well with Mary because she pulls so much on your heartstrings with singing about things that you kind of identify with yourself,” Dundas told WWD about the inspiration behind the outfit. 

If there’s one thing about Ms. Mary J. Blige, is that she’s going to deliver a performance and look good while doing it. 

Alongside the long-sleeve strappy top and micro short set, Blige paired the look with matching thigh-high white boots, also embellished with large leopard-spot shaped sequins for extra bling. Coordinating fingerless gloves and a chunky belt completed the look—perhaps a tribute to Michael Jackson’s iconic gloves during his halftime show performance in 1993?

Rob Carr
Rob Carr

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