Let Katie Holmes Inspire You to Wear Nonboring Black Tights


Black tights are a dependable, if uninspiring, constant in any closet. You may not have reached for them as much this year, but they’ve weathered winter trends and transitional dressing many years before and made putting together an outfit in uncomfortably cold temperatures less taxing. Yet slipping them on can feel like a sartorial compromise—as if you have to wear them because it’s whatever degrees outside, not as though there was even a choice. If you’re actually bothering to wear a dress or skirt right now (bless you), make sure the tights don’t feel like a sour point in the look.

Katie Holmes—eternal fashion mood—made a strong case for nonboring black tights last year. She was photographed on a rainy New York evening wearing a strong-shouldered silk minidress from Yves Saint Laurent, complete with polka-dot tights, and we think it feels equally relevant for any at-home New Year’s hangout you have planned (even if you’ll just be taking selfies surrounded by wine and cheese puffs).


It’s a practical solution to the universal issue of keeping warm as the temperatures drop, yes. But it’s also an incredibly chic way to round out an outfit, including one you’re donning specifically for your Instagram feed. So if you’re ready to say “no more” to plain black tights, consider the 17 patterned pairs ahead.

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