Kim Kardashian Posted a Taylor Swift Song to Her Instagram Stories—Cue Pandemonium


On Monday, March 29, Kim Kardashian, who’s been binge-watching the hit Netflix series Bridgerton, posted a few steamy moments from the show to her Instagram Stories. And playing in the background in one of the scenes is the song “Wildest Dreams” by none other than Taylor Swift. (An orchestral version of the song made specifically for the show, but still.) 

To some, this is interesting. In case you’ve been living under a rock, the Kardashian-Swift divide began in 2016, when Kardashian’s husband, Kanye West (whom she’s allegedly divorcing), recorded a song, “Famous,” referencing Swift. There was a he-said, she-said about what lyrics in the song Swift approved of and which ones she didn’t. The snake emoji got thrown around about it. Swift’s 2017 album, Reputation, is essentially the soundtrack to this drama. Yes, it was four years ago, but Kardashian’s Bridgerton “Wildest Dreams” post proves fans still care.


“Kim Kardashian’s stories and Wildest Dreams playing at the back, did no one notice?!?!” one fan tweeted. Another said (probably jokingly), “She’s the biggest swiftie.”

“The no.1 swiftie,” quipped a third. 

See a few more reactions, below: 

Does this musical moment signal a thaw in one of the longest-standing celebrity feuds of our time? Um, probably not because it most likely doesn’t mean anything and is just a coincidence. Yes, the song is playing in the scene, but it’s a violin cover. Unless she’s listened to 1989 a bunch of times—which she probably hasn’t, given her history with the musician—it’s possible she didn’t even recognize the song. She was focused on what was happening onscreen! In the post, you can hear her muttering, “Oh…em…gee.”

Listen, it’s possible Kim Kardashian and Taylor Swift could make amends one day. Swift’s rivalry with Katy Perry is over. Anything can happen…in our, ya know, wildest dreams.


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