Kendall Jenner Just Jumped on the Curtain Bangs Train

To call 2022 the year of the curtain bang wouldn’t be entirely inaccurate. The swoopy, gently parted style of fringe is definitely having a moment — but only because that moment is still going strong from the last year or two. And you know it’s not going anywhere when one of the biggest beauty trendsetters in the world, Kendall Jenner, is only just now getting around to trying them.

On Thursday, February 3, Jenner was clearly in the mood for some backseat boomerang selfies because she posted two within as many hours. The first shows the model looking casual in a Nike Air jacket and sunglasses, her new haircut being blown around by the wind. In small letters, she topped off the clip with “bangzzz” and “idk.” Well, she may not know, but we definitely do — that wispy, eyebrow-skimming piece of hair fluttering around in the middle of your forehead is a clear indication of bangs, Kenny, and they’re super cute. 

Instagram/Kendall Jenner

In a second clip, Jenner is seen looking more glam on her way somewhere, showing off a mauve-y makeup look — does she not look so much like big sis Kim Kardashian in this shot? — and giving us another peek at her new fringe. This time she’s unmistakably parting her fringe and wearing it over the ends of her brows and temples and leaving most of her forehead visible — classic curtain bangs. 

Instagram/Kendall Jenner

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