Katie Lowes Knows You’ll Relate to That Morocco Episode of ‘Inventing Anna’

There are so many different layers here. I’m fascinated by the level of fame or notoriety they all reached, and how so many people get trapped by this fantasy element. 

It’s interesting, and I think it’s why people are also so into this story. The whole New York fancy thing of it all—the clubs and the restaurants and the this and the that—and having a friend who can help buy your fancy clothes and the name brands and all this stuff. I didn’t know that world at all.

Your story in particular is so fascinating because you babysat for Connie Britton’s son before you became a working actor and then got Scandal

And then I’m on red carpets with her and ABC events while she’s on Nashville! And I’m there on Scandal and it’s like, “What is happening? Is someone going to say, ‘Katie, you don’t belong here. Get the hell out?'” 

I’ll never forget at Paleyfest one year when they showed the video of when you got the call that you got the part of Quinn on Scandal. You’ve seen how all of a sudden these doors open to you in ways you could never have imagined.

That’s something that Rachel, I feel, probably was very psyched to be treated differently than she may have been treated at work. Booking everyone’s travel and booking everyone’s restaurants and this fancy photographer is going to shoot this celebrity…and then all of a sudden she has a good friend who’s on the inside. I think people are going to be very mixed, but I am very excited by that. 

For some people to be like, “I’m on Rachel’s side.” And for some people to say that they’re not on Rachel’s side. Because I felt the same way. At first, before I really knew the inner workings of the story, I was like, “Oh, Anna Delvey is the coolest. She’s like a Robin Hood. She’s stealing from the corporations, and it’s so unfair. If a dude had done what she’d done, they would never go to jail for it. Blah, blah, blah.” Now that I know the sort of inner workings of it, I’m like, “Oh, she’s a…” And I’m so inside Rachel’s story, I’m like, “This is a full-blown sociopath.” She’s a crazy person. She feels no empathy. She feels no remorse.

Was there ever a time that you started feeling more skeptical of people you were around just being in this industry?

For sure. There’s that whole thing of fake it till you make it, where when you’re a lowly actor coming up and you have a lot of side jobs, but you get a little acting job, and you’re like, “Okay, talk about it more than it is,” to maybe make yourself feel better or to make it seem like you’ve got something going on when you don’t. That’s it on the most innocent level. But I think I’ve seen it now where it’s just a lot of BS. There’s a lot of people that are walking a talk that’s not backed up. I have a theater company in L.A., so I work in a not-for-profit world and people are like, “Oh I can get you to this person, dah dah, dah, dah.” And I’m like, “Uh-huh.” There’s a lot. I’m very skeptical of people’s actions versus people’s words, for sure. But I’ve been fortunate to be working in Hollywood. Rachel was conned by con artists. I don’t know if I’ve met a con artist. Have you?

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