Katherine Heigl’s Reaction to Alex and Izzie’s ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Reunion Is Priceless

Katherine Heigl has thoughts on Alex and Izzie’s surprising reunion on Grey’s Anatomy. 

Let me take you back to early 2020. (I know, it’s the last place you want to go—but we’re talking about Grey’s here.) ABC announced Alex Karev (Justin Chambers) was exiting the hit medical drama, and fans had questions. How would the writers handle this beloved character’s departure? Would they do him justice? Would they kill him off? (Hey, that’s not unprecedented.)  

The answer was more shocking than anyone could’ve imagined. In a series of letters, we learned Alex left his wife, Jo, and his friends to reunite with Izzie. The two are now raising their twins on a Kansas farm in total domestic bliss. Bonkers!

Entertainment Tonight asked Heigl about this while she was promoting her new Netflix show, Firefly Lane, and she said, “I didn’t see it. Wasn’t he with someone?” Yes, he was! Jo! 

“Listen, isn’t that an asshole move?” she added. Um, yeah. 

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So would Katherine Heigl ever consider jumping back into Grey’s Anatomy to bring this mind-boggling plot twist to life? Probably not. When asked if she’d return to the series, the actor told ET, “I’m super focused on this show [Firefly Lane] and my passion for it. I would never say never, but it’s not likely.”

Damn. That being said, the chances of other departed characters popping up on Grey‘s is likely. We’ve already seen the return of McDreamy and George O’Malley, so the possibilities are endless. (Dear Shonda-verse, please make a Cristina Yang cameo happen!) 

Grey’s Anatomy fans will surely love Firefly Lane, which premieres February 3 on Netflix. The show, based on Kristin Hannah’s popular novel, centers on the lifelong friendship between two women: one a very successful but lonely talk show host (Heigl), the other a recently-divorced mom looking to restart her career (Sarah Chalke). For more info, click here. 

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