91 Gifts the Women in Your Life Deserve Any Day of the Year


When it comes to gifting your mom, sister, work wife, or any other leading lady in your circle, the best gifts for women are more about making a considerate gesture than finding a shiny object for the ‘Gram. After all, with so much that’s happened over the last year, a truly thoughtful present sent from afar—or handed off from a safe six-foot distance—proves you can be her silver lining even in the weirdest and worst of times.

From sustainable jewelry to face mask accessories, we corralled dozens of thoughtful gifts for women—no matter whom you’re shopping for or what your budget is. And might we add: You definitely don’t need a special occasion like an anniversary, Valentine’s Day, or even the start of her zodiac season to bust out the ribbons. A “just because” gift is always welcome—and arguably more impactful than a prompted one. 

Whatever the occasion, browse the 91 best gift ideas for women until you’ve ticked them all off your list (and maybe, just maybe, stumbled across a few great gift ideas for yourself too). 

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