Kate Middleton Wears These Affordable Sneakers Everywhere

Don’t tell the sneakerheads, but you really only need one solid pair of kicks to make your closet sing—and the best white sneakers are the perfect place to start. The former tennis shoe is a wardrobe essential for literally anyone who wears clothing, and its popularity cannot be understated—especially now that “dressing down” has taken on a whole new meaning.

Sporting white sneakers may not be as revolutionary as anointing your feet with “ugly” sandals, platforms, or dad shoes, but it’s the simplicity and nonchalance that make them a reliable wardrobe staple no matter the decade. Not to mention, white kicks are virtually impossible to “mess up” in terms of styling. High-tops with a puffy-sleeve blouse and high-waist denim? Love to see it. A linen midi dress with leather sneakers? Brava.

Since white sneakers are a blank canvas, the outfit potential is endless—and their versatility knows no activity bounds either; comfy lace-ups can take you from a long weekend bike ride to an al fresco dinner date with little to no effort. Oh, and don’t sweat the scuffs: The coolest styles look best a little rough-and-tumble. (Of course, if you do get them dirty and prefer the pristine clean look, Twitter has your back.)

From sustainable brands like Veja and Cariuma to classics like Chucks and Vans, the below options are simultaneously chic and easy to wear. Ahead, shop the best white sneakers of 2021.

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