Jessica Alba Swears By This Soothing Balm for Dry, Sensitive Skin


Three years ago, Jessica Alba had recently given birth to her son, Hayes, and wasn’t really in the mood for anything other than the daily grind that comes with being a mom of three and running a multi-million dollar empire, when an amazing opportunity came her way. “I was not feeling like being out in the world,” she tells Glamour. In fact, “I think it was the first time I actually left the house. But I was like, ‘I can’t pass this up.’” 

And so, in an oversize sweater, sweatpants, and basically no makeup, Alba took Hayes to meet the woman who is now vice president of the United States: Kamala Harris. “I agreed to host a fundraiser for Kamala in my friend’s backyard. She spoke about so many topics that are important to me—like creating more equity across the board for people of color—that even though I wasn’t quite ready to be out and about yet, I loved that I did. It’s one that will go down in the history books for me.” 

Alba recently re-shared the image to her nearly 19 million Instagram followers, with the caption, “why was I wearing sweats?!? I guess I just really wanted to meet @kamalaharris and didn’t have time to get dolled up.”

Even now, with Hayes having just turned three, Jessica Alba still doesn’t have much time. “I don’t sleep as much as I’d like, but I don’t know if anybody does,” she says, speaking the truth. “I really want eight hours of sleep at night, but I just don’t get it.”

It’s why Alba is always looking for ways to make life easier and better, whether it’s the creation of a new multi-use skin care product or advocating for more opportunities for women of color. For Glamour‘s latest installment of Big Beauty Questions, she fills us in on her daily routine, the newest product she swears by, and what she’s sick of seeing in Hollywood. 

What’s one beauty trend you’re obsessed with right now?

Self-care everyday. When I wake up, I throw a thick layer of my Prime and Perfect Mask on my face. I think of it as my morning smoothie. It takes one minute to do, and I leave it on as I brush my teeth, make my coffee, and get breakfast ready for the kids. Then once it’s dry, I take it off, apply serum, and use Honest’s Calm and Heal Balm. And my last step is a mist. 

Do you ever use a jade roller or a Gua Sha stone?


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