Jennifer Lopez, Icon, Wore a Face Mask With Her Name on It

Ahhh, to be so legendary you can wear a face mask with your name on it. Jennifer Lopez is in that camp, and she confirmed it on January 12 when she was spotted out and about with a “J.Lo” mask. 

The singer-actor-icon was snapped in Miami wearing a powder blue mask with a star pattern and the words “JLO” splashed across it in large white letters. It’s honestly incredible. And the fact she paired this with a casual cropped hoodie and sweatpants? Even better. 

Check out the look for yourself, below. Also, yes to those huge sunglasses. More extra-large sunglasses in 2021, please. 

MEGA/Getty Images

Here’s a closer look at the mask: 

MEGA/Getty Images

The mask is by Masqd, according to InStyle, but I now have so many questions. Is this a custom job? (Presumably yes.) Are all her masks now branded “JLO?” (I really hope so.) When will I earn the right to have my name emblazoned on a mask?

I actually know the answer to that: never. This is a privilege only given to those who score a number one album and movie at the same time. Or create a fragrance empire worth $2 billion. Or wear a Versace dress that becomes a part of cultural history. Or star in a commercial blockbuster of a movie alongside Lizzo, Cardi B, and Keke Palmer. Or have one of the most brilliant, under-appreciated pop careers in music history. (Seriously, go stream A.K.A. now.) In other words, Jennifer Lopez and Jennifer Lopez only can rock this look. 

Only she can have a diamond-encrusted tumbler with her name on it, too. 

MEGA/Getty Images

In fact, why stop there? All of Jennifer Lopez’s accessories should be monogrammed. Put “JLO” on her sunglasses and bags and shoes. Put it on her car. This is the legend status we should all aspire to—and it’s the energy to bring into 2021. 

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