Jennifer Lawrence Is Just as Excited About the Ben Affleck–J.Lo Rumors As You Are


Even celebrities are obsessed with celebrities. A-list actor Jennifer Lawrence, for instance, is not above caring about the rumored reunion that has everyone talking, and no, we don’t mean the cast of Friends. She’s completely invested in the Jennifer Lopez–Ben Affleck saga of 2021

“Breaking fucking news, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are back together. They’re in Montana. They are on vacation with each other right now,” Lawrence said on a recent episode of the podcast The Bitch Bible, per People. And in case you couldn’t tell from Lawrence’s trademark enthusiasm, she then added, “I’m so excited!”

Lawrence and her friend, Heather McMahan, who was joining her for the episode, then talked about the pink diamond engagement ring Affleck gave Lopez back in 2002. You don’t forget the first time you realize diamonds come in pink!

Jennifer Lawrence is herself married to gallerist Cooke Maroney. The two wed in a star-studded ceremony in Rhode Island in October 2019 and have kept their relationship very private since. Maybe she can give Affleck and Lopez some tips on how to avoid the spotlight if they’re trying to make things work again? 

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

She’s not the only star to publicly react to the news that one of the biggest couples of the aughts is hanging out again. Affleck’s BFF Matt Damon was asked about the situation on Today, and though he at first joked, “There’s not enough liquor in the world for you to get me to say something about that,” he then admitted, “It’s a fascinating story…. I hope it’s true. I love them both. I hope it’s true. That would be awesome.” 

A source told E! Online, “[Lopez] wants to give it a shot with Ben. They never really had closure and she has always wondered what could have been. The timing was never right and they were in different places until now.”


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