Here’s Why Ben Affleck Reportedly Reached Out to Jennifer Lopez Before Reunion Rumors

If the timeline of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s recent resurgence caught you completely off guard, you’re not alone. Now we have a bit more information about how—and why—Affleck reportedly reached out to Lopez in the first place. 

Earlier this month, TMZ alleged that the Bennifer reunion began before Lopez and ex-fiancé Alex Rodriguez’s breakup. Insiders told the outlet that Lopez and Affleck began emailing in February when she was still filming Shotgun Wedding in the Dominican Republic. TMZ described Affleck’s emails as “loving.”

However, according to a new report from People, Affleck reached out to his former fiancé “as a friend.” The source claims The Way Back actor initiated contact around the time that reports were claiming Lopez and Rodriguez had split. In March, the pop star and former baseball player announced they were “working through some things” before eventually confirming their breakup in April.

“[Ben Affleck] was basically checking up on her. He was single and thought she might be single, too,” the source told People. “It was in no way disrespectful because he really thought she wasn’t with Alex anymore.” 

Tom Kingston/Getty Images

Meanwhile, Rodriguez was reportedly “shocked” when Lopez and Affleck were first spotted hanging out in late April. “A-Rod is shocked that J.Lo has moved on,” a source told E! Online in a story published May 10, the same day news broke that the Jersey Girl costars allegedly took a trip to Montana together. “He truly thought they would be able to make it work and reconnect. He has been reaching out to J.Lo trying to meet with her and she has been very short with him.”

When asked directly about the vacation a few days later, Rodriguez responded, “Go Yankees.” 

Allegedly, Lopez “wants to give it a shot with Ben.” A source told E! Online that the early aughts couple “never really had closure” after calling it quits in 2004. Another source recently told People, “[Jennifer] is in touch with Ben every day. They are making plans to see each other. Jennifer is still very excited about how things are going with Ben.”

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