‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Reunited Mark and Lexie, and Fans Are Emotional

Warning: spoilers ahead if you are not caught up on Grey’s Anatomy.

When we last saw Meredith Grey, she was fighting for her life on a ventilator in a hospital room, suffering from the effects of COVID-19. But in Meredith’s mind–or in the space between life and death, depending on your interpretation–she’s on a beach, happily visiting with her late husband, Derek…and in the most recent episode, her deceased half-sister Lexie.

Grey’s teased the Grey girls reunion in a promo at the end of March 25’s episode, but what they didn’t show was that Lexie would be joined by her OTP Mark Sloan, who died shortly after she did as a result of the same tragic plane crash. Fans mourned the life they could have led together, as they only declared their true feelings right at the end. In a way, seeing Lexie and Mark side by side in the afterlife, or even just in Meredith’s imagination, is the happy ending these characters deserved.

But that wasn’t the only surprise in store. Back in the hospital, the doctors decided to take Meredith off the ventilator. Per E!, the end of the episode showed her breathing on her own, and the next teaser promo promises she will soon open her eyes.

And no one was more excited about Meredith’s recovery than…her best friend, Christina Yang?!?! No, Sandra Oh wasn’t back, but Owen was texting with Meredith’s one and only “person,” so at least there’s that. Ugh, this show, the way it plays with us! Borderline cruel! But we can’t get enough.

Obviously, there was a huge fan reaction online. So many old school Grey’s Anatomy characters, so little time! “STOPP THIS WHOLE EPISODE IM BAWLINGG,” one fan tweeted. 


As Eric Dane himself said, “So that happened…” Damn, it really did!

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