‘Ginny & Georgia’ Made a Rude Joke About Taylor Swift, and Fans Are Furious


If you noticed “RESPECT TAYLOR SWIFT” trending on Sunday, February 28, you might’ve assumed it was just fans being fans. There’s never a wrong time to respect Taylor Swift, am I right? 

But this was actually a response to a specific slight against the singer: a “joke” from the new Netflix series, Ginny & Georgia. 

In the episode in question, one character says to another, “What do you care? You go through men faster than Taylor Swift.” Fans were quick to point out this sentiment is akin to slut-shaming; women are often scrutinized for dating in a way men aren’t, and Swift has publicly spoken about her frustration with the “man-eater” narrative surrounding her private life.

The Ginny & Georgia anger prompted fans to highlight another Swift TV diss: In an episode of Degrassi, a character remarks, “Taylor Swift made an entire career off of her exes.” Yuck. 

“This makes me furious,” one fan tweeted. 

“Shaming women in 2021? Funny, [because] I never see anything like this about men. RESPECT TAYLOR SWIFT,” another wrote.

Screen-grabs of these lines were posted to social media on February 28, and soon the Swifties had “RESPECT TAYLOR SWIFT” trending. Just a few months ago, “RESPECT SELENA GOMEZ” took over the site after the Saved by The Bell reboot appeared to mock the singer’s kidney transplant. So writers beware: Fans are watching your pop culture references very closely. Especially references about their favorite singers. You just don’t mess with stan Twitter!

Oh, and in case anyone still believes Taylor Swift’s talent or success is linked to her private life: She’s been in a committed, low-key relationship with the same guy for the past four years, and her albums are still blockbusters. Her career has never been dependent on her exes. Get your facts straight, people. 


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