Found: 11 Brushes for Curly Hair to Make Detangling a Breeze


Anyone with curly hair knows that curls aren’t universal. From soft waves to kinky coils, every curl pattern and texture is unique, which is why the best brushes for curly hair allow for different maintenance and styling. And the brands have kept up with the demand: These days, you can find a variety of hair brushes that work  with different patterns and hair textures to detangle, prevent breakage, prevent frizz, and all of the above.

It can make all the difference in styling, especially if your hair tends to be curly *and* thick. Detangling can turn into a nightmare if the right hairbrush isn’t involved. Whether you’re in need of a new boar bristle brush for styling, a wet brush for detangling in your shower, a Denman brush for smoothing out all the way through your ends, or a paddle brush for getting through knots, we’re laying out the best brushes for curly hair. Scroll on to find the brush that works effortlessly with your unique hair type and natural hair texture.

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