Everything We Know About ‘Virgin River’ Season 3


Virgin River is coming back for a third installment—and things are looking good for Mel and Jack. Here’s everything we know about season 3 of Netflix’s hit. Come back often: We’ll keep updating this post as more news becomes available. 

When will season 3 premiere?

Friday, July 9! Ten brand-spanking-new episodes will drop just in time for a summer binge.

What’s going to happen to Jack?

He was shot at the end of season 2; while the trailer makes it pretty clear he’s going to survive, there are definitely more twists ahead. As Doc tells him, “It would be a tragedy for you to go through life alone because of a misguided perception of the woman you love.” Okay, true!

Lizzie, meanwhile, might be in for some drama as well. “As we dive into Lizzie’s past and past relationships, it becomes very clear why someone like Ricky would be so attractive to her. And they both share a secret in season two that isn’t surprising from one of them and is super surprising from the other,” showrunner Sue Tenney told TV Line.

Who is joining the cast?

All of the main characters from the first two seasons are returning, plus some new faces we can’t wait to meet. Good Housekeeping reports that the new additions include Zibby Allen as Jack’s ballsy lawyer sister, Degrassi’s Stacey Farber as Lilly’s daughter Tara, TCAOS’s Jasmine Vega as Stella, and Kai Bradbury as Denny. Farber celebrated the news on Instagram, writing, “I’m so ready to live in the prettiest town on TV— Virgin River!✨🙌🏻🌲 Pack a pair of good boots and meet me there next season.”

Honestly, it all looks pretty dramatic…

Babies, fires, blindness, and medical problems! Deadline reports there will also be a divorce, a funeral, and a hurricane. Things are seriously heating up in this town, and even fans of the book series by Robyn Carr will probably be on the edge of their couch seats as they watch the drama unfold.


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