Dried Flowers Are Here to Rescue Failing Plant Moms Everywhere


“Dried flowers are nothing new,” says the founder and creative director of East Olivia, an elevated florals and installations agency based in New York. “Just watch a rerun of Golden Girls and you’ll likely see beautiful pampas stems in the background.” A quick Google search proves Kelsea Olivia is exactly right—it’s easy to find images of Betty White and crew surrounded by the fuzzy stems, but the low-maintenance home accent has seen a major uptick in popularity since this time last year. The botanical trend is no surprise, considering we’ve been stuck at home for months on end, left to our own devices for nurturing our nests and discovering new hobbies to keep us occupied.

Struggling to keep live plants thriving in a windowless retail space at the beginning of her career, Kelsea discovered the convenience and creative freedom dried flowers offer. Aptly named Forever Florals on the site’s shop, East Olivia’s dried selection perfectly encapsulates the stunning versatility of preserved plants, which can be dyed vibrant hues and far outlive fresh blooms. You’ve probably seen the eye-catching bundles on Instagram, and we’d bet you’ve stumbled upon another innovative florist making magic with the whimsical medium.

Ryan Norville of Oat Cinnamon in Brooklyn, another plant whisperer to keep on your interior design mood board, is known for pops of pastels and reimagining leaves for stunning creations like the best-selling holographic anthurium. “I’ve also been experimenting with warmer palettes that evoke feelings of calm and stillness,” she explains, “in addition to the joyful excitement bright hues and pastels bring to our signature bouquets.”

Along with their striking appearance, dried bouquets are more cost-efficient (thanks to the fact that they last a year or longer), they’re eco-friendly, and they bring a natural vibe to the home when nature feels out of reach. “They aren’t perishable which is the biggest standout,” says Ryan of the creative process. “Being able to take mental breaks and come back to my designs with fresh eyes helps me really create with intention.” 

Whether you’re looking for a creative outlet by crafting your own arrangements or are in the market for a ready-made masterpiece to place on your bedside table, there’s an option for you below, so peruse our picks for the 15 best dried flower bouquets and stems that will tide you over until spring, and keep your space photo-ready year-round.

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