Chrissy Teigen Looks Incredible With Bright Purple Hair

Chrissy Teigen’s wavy, caramel-colored hair has become one of her signatures at this point. So imagine my surprise as I was scrolling through Instagram and—boom—there she was, sporting neon purple hair. 

Granted, it’s a wig, but still. Teigen isn’t one to switch up her hair color—by wig or dye—which makes this change, albeit brief, very fun. 

“The wig life…chose me,” Teigen wrote on Instagram alongside a pic of herself with a very long, bright purple wig. Lavender suits her. 

Is brightly-colored hair going to become a 2021 trend? It’s too soon to tell, but Demi Lovato is jumping on the train. On January 10, she debuted a bright pink pixie cut that appears to be the result of a dye job, not a wig. (For tips on dyeing your hair pink, click here.

Not to get too deep, but Teigen and Lovato experimenting with candy-colored hair right now makes so much sense. We’re still in the middle of a pandemic, not to mention political unrest that’s only getting scarier by the day. People are looking for levity more than ever—it’s necessary for survival. And because we can’t congregate like we used to, we’re searching for more introspective, personalized fun. Our Netflix queues are filled up with escapist content. We’re listening to glossy disco-pop and turning our kitchens into nightclubs. And beauty-wise, some of us are just looking for a good time. Enter: neon hair. 

It begs the question: Will this bright, maximalist aesthetic permeate post-pandemic culture? After a year-plus of being in quarantine, maybe so. Maybe by later summer-slash-early fall, the pendulum will swing back to bombastic bubblegum pop, sky-high heels, and bold, statement hair and makeup colors. I’m excited to find out.

Whatever the case, thanks for the pop of fun on my IG feed, Chrissy Teigen. More neon hair in 2021, please. 

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