The Resort Where Matt James Filmed His Season Has a Long ‘Bachelor’ History


Where is Matt James’ Bachelor season filming, you ask? Well, if you ask me, it looks like a set from The Crown

On January 4, we watched group of ladies looking for love pull up in limos to what only could be described as a sprawling, regal estate in the beautiful countryside of…well, Pennsylvania. Instead of the Bachelor Mansion or even the La Quinta resort in Palm Springs (where Clare Crawley and Tayshia Adams’ season was held), we’ll be watching James and his hopefuls fall in and out of love at the Nemacolin Resort in Farmington, Pennsylvania. 

Here’s everything we know about where Matt James’ season is filming: 

This actually isn’t the first time the Nemacolin  has been featured by the Bachelor franchise. Remember when Chad Johnson was finally eliminated by Bachelorette JoJo Fletcher? That happened at the Nemacolin. 

Other Bach favorites have vacationed there. Word of the new location obviously spread among Bachelor Nation, because Peter Weber and Kelley Flanagan flew to the resort and shared their experience on Nemacolin’s YouTube back in September 2020. This was pre-breakup, of course. 

Now that James’ season has been filmed, the 320-room resort is open for business. Starting at $349 per night, lodgers can choose between five lodgings: the sprawling Chateau Lafayette, the Falling Rock Hotel, “secluded” vacation homes, and the Estates. 

The activities. Regal appearances aside, the coolest part of staying at the Nemacolin has to be the array of activities available—which will probably make for some entertaining Bachelor dates this year. We can probably expect to see a group paintball match at the “Quick Draw Alley,”  a one-on-one “chocolate indulgence massage” at the spa, and maybe even a Jeep off-roading adventure (whatever that means). Honestly, all that sounds a lot more fun than strip dodgeball

In fact, many feel Crawley and Adams were robbed of the true Bachelorette experience after seeing how producers dealt with COVID-19 restrictions for James’ season. “Matt James got the most beautiful makeshift Bachelor mansion possible AND a Peloton?? Someone call Clare and Tayshia back they deserve a do-over,” one user tweeted.

Honestly…they kinda have a point. 


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