Cardi B’s DIY Hair Mask Is So Easy to Make at Home


Cardi B has been chasing the bag for years. And with her many accolades, the Grammy-winning rapper has us all reassessing our hustle game. The powerhouse has a multimillion-dollar record deal, dropped countless chart-topping singles, broken records as a female artist, received the key to the city of Brooklyn, and made headlines for her political advocacy. The Bronx-raised Dominican Trinidadian continues to prove she can do anything.

Her latest money move: Cardi Tries, a show for Messenger’s Watch Together in which she, well, tries things. Of course, starring onscreen isn’t new for Cardi. Early in her career she joined Love & Hip Hop‘s New York cast before serving as a judge in the hip-hop competition series Rhythm + Flow and stealing the show in her first big-screen role in Hustlers. But this time, with Cardi Tries, she’s not only the star but also an executive producer. “With 2020 being a sour year for a lot of us, I wanted a show that was uplifting—with some happiness, positivity, and a lot of laughter,” she tells Glamour.

Viewers can expect fun guest appearances from favorites like Fast & Furious actor Michelle Rodriguez, social media comedian Blame It On Kway, and dancer and singer Debbie Allen as Cardi tries ballet, stunt car racing, wig making, gaming, and other activities in the eight-episode series. “I thought it would be a nice and funny adventure to try new things I’ve never done before,” she says.

But the fun didn’t come without challenges. “I recognized that fame had made me really sensitive. Not sensitive so much—but you know when you’re not used to doing something so hard and you’re scared to get yourself hurt. The adventures took me back to getting down and dirty.” 

To learn more about her boss moves, we asked Cardi B to take part in our latest edition of Your Fave’s Faves. Read on! 

My favorite episode on Cardi Tries

The last episode, “Cardi Tries Ranching.” I really wanted to do the farm. I was dying to do it, and it was the last episode that we filmed. When we finished the show, I was just so sad, because it was like, damn, I want to [keep doing] different things I don’t normally do.

The one thing every mother needs

Shit, an iPad! 

My go-to comfort food

I love the Caribbean food in the Bronx. There’s a lot of Caribbean food there, whether it’s West Indian or Dominican. I miss that a lot.

The shoes I love most

I’m definitely a heel girl over sneakers. My favorites are Louboutins. 

Christian Louboutin Hot Chick

The nail colors I pick most

It really depends. On my toes, I like white. My hands, I like blue, red, or pink on my nails. 

A beauty tip I swear by

There’s a hair mask that’s been passed down by the women in my family—black castor oil, olive oil, two eggs, honey, banana, avocado, argan oil, and mayonnaise

Ruhama Wolle is the executive assistant to Glamour’s editor in chief. You can follow her on Instagram @ru_wolle and on Twitter @ru__wolle. 


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